The Slidstvo.Info team will present on March 27 a documentary about sexual violence against Ukrainian men committed by Russian army soldiers in Kherson torture chambers. The film Him Too: Stories of Ukrainian Men Abused by Russians tells about the abuse of Ukrainians who were under occupation and held in Kherson torture chambers for their active pro-Ukrainian position. To force cooperation and break the men psychologically, the Russians raped them or threatened them with rape, reports the editorial office of the investigative agency.

“I am grateful to the men who trusted us and told us their stories. One needs to have the strength and courage to survive such an experience and talk about the sexual violence committed against them by the Russian military. If we talk about it, we can hope that it will not happen again in the future,” said Yana Korniychuk, a journalist who worked on the film.

Anna Babinets, the executive director of Slidstvo.Info, declares that this topic remains taboo in society and underscores the need to discuss it openly.

“Rape and attempted rape of men during the war is a separate brutal crime that is hardly ever talked about. We decided to broach this topic despite its gravity and taboo nature. The Russians deliberately abused Ukrainian men in such a brutal way because they were sure that they would remain silent. But we will tell you about all this in detail,” Anna Babinets said.

The film will be premiered on March 27 at 6:00 p.m. in Kyiv. You can register for the event by clicking here. After the screening, the film will be available on the Slidstvo.Info YouTube channel with English subtitles. 

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