Kyiv City Council deputy Vladyslav Turets from the European Solidarity party declared that in 2022 he bought a car for almost UAH 3.5 million, and in 2023 — for UAH 2 million. He was also presented with an apartment outside Kyiv. The declaration states that it costs almost UAH 1.1 million, although the market price of such an apartment is at least UAH 3.6 million.

Slidstvo.Info learned this from the official’s declaration on the National Agency for Corruption Prevention’s website.

Vladyslav Turets is a member of the Kyiv City Council from the European Solidarity party. Turets deals with architecture, urban planning and land relations and is a deputy of the relevant committee in the Kyiv City Council.


The deputy himself knows about urban planning not from the news, as he ran the construction company HIT GROUP and had a stake in the company. Now, the deputy declares that he receives money only from entrepreneurial activities – he rents out real estate. In 2023, he earned UAH 322 thousand, and in 2022 — UAH 304 thousand.

His wife Lidiya Turets earns more than the MP. She earned UAH 798 thousand in 2023 and UAH 467 thousand in 2022. Lidiya is also an entrepreneur, but in the healthcare sector.

During the large-scale war, Turets bought new cars. The MP bought a new BMW M760LI from the showroom in 2022 for almost UAH 3.5 million, and in 2023 he bought a 2019 Porsche Cayenne for UAH 2 million.

The MP was also presented with a 66-square-metre apartment near Kyiv in 2023. In his declaration, Turets indicates that the apartment is worth almost UAH 1.1 million. This apartment is located in the Park Lake City business class residential complex. The website of the residential complex states that the cost of one square metre in the complex ranges from USD 1,400 to 3,500. This means that the market price of such an apartment is at least UAH 3.6 million.

Park Lake City Residential Complex / Photo from the website of the residential complex

Vladyslav Turets read a message from a journalist of Slidstvo.Info asking for an interview, but did not respond to it.

In his declarations, the official also indicates that he owns two Swiss Cvstos watches worth UAH 300 and 120 thousand, as well as a Rolex watch worth UAH 300 thousand. Turets has a diamond and sapphire ring worth 135 thousand hryvnias.

Turets has been in politics for a long time. He started his career in 2004 at the Kyiv City Council Secretariat, was an assistant consultant to MP Volodymyr Ariev and in 2014 became a member of the Kyiv City Council for the first time.

During his time as a deputy, he became involved in a scandal. On a session day, Turets was outraged that journalists were entering the lift because he, as a deputy, allegedly had a priority right to use the Kyiv City Council lift.

“Brother, you’re nobody and you have no name,” Turets replied to journalists’ questions about why elected officials have privileges in front of the press. The MP then apologised for his words, explaining that he was in a hurry.

Turets was also accused of being in the dining room during an important vote to return 16 hectares of land to the community in Pryrichna when the Kyiv City Council lacked votes.

According to the CHESNO civic movement, Turets was involved in voter bribery back in 2018. He organised a free boat trip along the Dnipro river for Kyiv residents. The MP himself said that he took the voters at his own expense and did not conduct any campaigning.

Tickets for a free walk along the Dnipro river from MP Turets / Photo:

“What’s wrong with that? There are no elections, I don’t need anything from people. The weather is good – we have Kyiv on the Dnipro. What’s wrong with that? I personally don’t see anything wrong with it… It’s my own money, and I’ll tell you more – you’ll laugh that it costs really little money. It costs 3.5 thousand hryvnias to hire such a ship for 1.5 hours with a guide. This is my gift to people, and I don’t think it can compromise me in any way… You can see that this is all done without politics and without campaigning,” the MP said.

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