Judge of the Odesa District Administrative Court Liubov Tokmilova received 2.5 million hryvnias ($65,656) as a gift from her mother, Halyna Andrushkova. With this money, Judge Tokmilova purchased a 40-square-meter apartment in Türkiye, which cost her 3.56 million hryvnias ($93,494), the Slidstvo.Info journalists learned from her declaration for 2022.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info talked to Halyna Andrushkova, the mother of the Odesa District Administrative Court judge Liubov Tokmilova. Andrushkova confirmed that she had made a monetary gift to her daughter and added that Judge Tokmilova had purchased an apartment in Istanbul, but did not live there.

Judge of the Odesa District Administrative Court Liubov Tokmilova

According to the YouControl analytical system, Halyna Andrushkova has an active sole proprietorship with the main activity “Repair of other household products and personal items” and is the head of ARGO DEVELOPMENT LLC. The analytical system states that the company was founded by four Russian citizens in January 2011. The main activity is “Management of real estate for remuneration or per a contract” and a number of other activities related to the purchase and sale, lease, construction, and maintenance of real estate.

Russian citizens Sergei Shames, Kirill Orlov, Pavel Panov, and Mikhail Krengel are also founders of a number of other ARGO LLCs: ARGO CONSTRUCTION, ARGO INVEST LTD, ARGO ENGINEERING, and ARGO PROJECTING AND ENGINEERING COMPANY.

In the Russian registry of individual entrepreneurs, journalists managed to confirm that these individuals were engaged in business activities in the Russian Federation as of February 9, 2024.

Mikhail Krengel and Kirill Orlov are the founders of KOMPANIYA UTA LLC, which is engaged in the wholesale trade of woodworking and other machine tools, maintains computer systems, and provides transportation services by road freight transport.

UTA’s website states that the company is a supplier of equipment, tools, and spare parts for glass, stone, aluminum, and polyvinyl chloride processing, furniture, and laminated glass production in Russia and the CIS.

From left to right: Mikhail Krengel, Pavel Panov, and Kirill Orlov

Pavel Panov is the founder and head of UTA INVEST, a company that has similar activities to KOMPANIYA UTA LLC.

Slidstvo.Info tried to ask Halyna Andrushkova about her work and the money earned in the company of the founders, who are Russian citizens. However, during a conversation with her, the connection was cut off, and the journalists failed to ask her questions in time. Further calls to Andrushkova went to voicemail.

Slidstvo.Info journalists also called one of the Russian founders of the judge’s mother’s company, who is listed in YouControl. Russian Pavel Panov assured that he and the other founders “do not participate in the company’s activities, do not make a profit, and added that the company has long been closed.”

In 2021, Liubov Tokmilova received 1.3 million hryvnias ($34,141) in judicial salary, in 2022 – 440,000 hryvnias ($11,555) and 433,000 hryvnias ($11,372) as “maternity benefits” from the court. The judge has 4,000 hryvnias ($105) in her bank accounts, and $3, and 100,000 hryvnias ($2,626) in cash. Tokmilova also has an account with Ziraat Bank, one of the largest banks in Türkiye.

The judge declared a 23.2-square-meter apartment in Yuzhne, Odesa Oblast, and in November 2022 she began living in her mother’s 70-square-meter apartment in the elite residential complex South Palmira, located in the Arcadia resort area of Odesa. As for movable property, the judge declared a 2006 Toyota Yaris (purchased in 2007), and in 2021 Tokmilova leased a 2021 BMW X4 for 1,704,200 hryvnias ($44,576).

In 2018, the judge also received a cash gift from her mother of 150,000 hryvnias ($3,939). A few days later, for 149,000 hryvnias ($3,913), Tokmilova purchased a 2012 Range Rover Sport from the wife of Volodymyr Kazanin, a member of the Chornomorsk City Council at the time. He had declared this car as worth 740,000 hryvnias ($19,434).

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