During the occupation of Bucha, Kyiv oblast, a Russian serviceman from Buryatia, Georgiy Radnatarov, tortured a Ukrainian and imitated an axe attack on his leg. The Prosecutor General’s Office has  served a notice of suspicion to the Russian military, and Slidstvo.Info journalists have identified the occupier.

This was reported by Slidstvo.Info.

On 25 March 2022, Russian military officer Georgiy Radnatarov took part in the occupation of the town of Bucha, near Kyiv. The Security Service of Ukraine found that Radnatarov, along with another soldier, abused a Ukrainian.

According to law enforcement officials, Radnatarov and another soldier entered the yard of a private house in the town in the morning. There, Radnatarov found the owner, and ordered to tie his hands behind his back with sticky tape and put a bag over his head. Radnatarov then led the man to the wall, reloaded his assault rifle, put the weapon to the back of his head and threatened to shoot him. Radnatarov then removed the bag from the man’s head and hit him twice in the chest.

For an hour, the occupiers kept the unarmed Ukrainian under surveillance in the house against the wall, until Radnatarov ordered the victim to go outside and approach an armoured military vehicle. The civilian was forced to put his right leg on the vehicle in order, as Radnatarov said, to cut it off with an axe. The Russian soldier swung the axe and faked a hit to the leg, taking the axe away from the man’s leg at the last moment. 

During the invasion of Bucha, Radnatarov was acting as the commander of a reconnaissance company of the 37th separate motorised rifle brigade.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the Russian serviceman from his social media pages.

25-year-old Georgiy Radnatarov was born in Buryatia. The occupier is married. 


Despite the war crimes he had committed, Radnatarov did not close his social media pages and posted all his photos in uniform.

Radnatarov’s last post on VKontakte dates back to November 2023, which means that the military man is most likely still alive. He is now posting photos from his civilian life with his wife.

Over the years, Radnatarov has many photos in military uniforms and with Russian intelligence symbols. And, of course, he has photos with the symbols of the so-called “special military operation”.

The man lives for intelligence, as evidenced by the numerous posts on his page related to orienteering in unfamiliar terrain, the ability to survive in difficult conditions, etc.

Radnatarov is suspected of cruel treatment of civilians (Article 438(1) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). If arrested, the Russian soldier faces 12 years in prison.

Georgiy is not the only military man in the family, he has a 34-year-old brother, Zorigto. He was drafted into the army after graduating from college, then served in the riot police and took part in the aggression against Ukraine as a member of a Russian special forces unit. In the first months of the full-scale invasion, the occupier was killed. He was buried in August 2022.

For his crimes, Georgiy Radnatarov faces imprisonment for up to 12 years (Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

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