A 27-year-old Russian soldier from the Republic of Buryatia raped a woman during the occupation of Kyiv region, threatening to commit violence against her young daughter. The prosecutor’s office investigators found out about it, and the journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the occupier.

At the end of February 2023, Ukrainian law enforcement officers notified Bair Baldanov, a senior sergeant of the 37th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, of suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war during the occupation of the Kyiv region.

From February 27 to March 31, 2022, the Russian military fully controlled the territory of the Bucha city territorial community in Kyiv oblast.

The occupiers threatened civilians with physical violence, intimidated them, raided Ukrainians’ homes, used their property, and restricted their ability to move freely on the street.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, on March 2025, 2022, Russian soldier Bair Baldanov, together with two Russian servicemen, came to the house of a woman who lived there with her mother and a young daughter.

Baldanov ordered the woman to follow him to the garage and threatened that if she refused, he would rape her child. While the occupier was sexually assaulting the woman, two other Russian soldiers stood outside to prevent any of the neighbors from coming to the victim’s aid.

Baldanov decided that having weapons and “colleagues” he could repeat his actions without punishment. A few days later, he came to the house and abused the Ukrainian woman again.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the Russian soldier by his social media pages, which the man had created a lot.

Baldanov Bair is 27 years old and lives in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia. His 37th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces is stationed in the village of Kyakhta (Buryatia).

The Russian occupier has a wife, Rada Baldanova (née Zhylzhytova). The couple has been together for a long time, and Rada was waiting for her husband to return from the army back in 2015: “I want my husband to come back from the army.” It is significant that in 2015, the units of the 37th Brigade of the Russian Army took part in the war in eastern Ukraine.

The woman considers her husband the best, as she writes on her VKontakte page. We wonder if Rada has changed her mind after her husband came to Ukraine to kill civilians, rape women, and threaten to sexually abuse underage children.

The couple also has a son, whose birth Bair writes about: “My son is the most powerful.” In general, judging by the occupier’s pages on social media, the man is a very good family man and a loving father. He shares many photos of his young son, telling his friends how much he loves him.

On one of Bair Baldanov’s numerous pages, journalists found a photo of him in a military uniform and holding a weapon.

As a true Russian father, Bair is happy to take photos with his young son in his army cap.

Bair Baldanov with his son in his army cap

It is currently unknown where Bair Baldanov is now. If the occupier is still alive, he faces imprisonment for a term of 8 to 12 years (Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).