Lisa is an 18-year-old young woman from the Kherson region, who is looking for Russian occupiers through a dating app. She willingly communicates with Russians, asking them for photos and videos. The woman wants this data to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and help in the fight against Russians. processed the material collected by the young woman and was able to establish the location of some Russian military.

The video has English subtitles.


Lisa was forced to leave her home in the Kherson region because of the Russian occupation. However, she found her own way to fight the invaders – for several months she has been “hunting” the occupiers in the dating app. And she already has her own trophies.

“Leonardo Dyvynchykr” is a Telegram bot for dating and communication, especially popular in Russia. The girl learned about it from a video on TikTok: a Ukrainian blogger told about a Russian military man who “leaked” important information to her through a chatbot, and she passed it to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Lisa also decided to try it. 

The main signs Lisa was looking for to start communication were two criteria: a guy was wearing a military uniform in the photo or had a mark of service in the Russian army in the questionnaire. 

When creating a profile, Lisa does not indicate personal information – her real name, age and place of residence. On the contrary, the woman usually states that she lives in one of the Russian cities, and her avatar is not her own photo. In the profile description, the heroine also emphasizes that she likes military guys – thus she increases the chances of starting communication with the “right” young man.


During her “hunt” Lisa came across 20-year-old Denis Tikhonov, who has been in Ukraine since March 16. The guy told her about this, as well as about the fact that he is now in Kherson or Mykolaiv region, in the correspondence.

20-year-old Denys Tykhonov

The guy said that in September his contract was to expire, after which he planned to return home, find a girl and get married.

In addition to his plans for the future, Denys has time to complain about the lack of communication and the power lines destroyed by the Ukrainian army. He records voice messages for Lisa, in which he tells her about the damaged communication towers and that “they destroyed the electricity supply in Beryslav”. 

The guy serves in Abkhazia, but now he is stationed in Ukraine, where he is “taught how to fight properly”. The occupier sent the girl several pictures. The journalists of analyzed them and identified the probable location of his unit. 

In one of the photos, power lines are clearly visible in the background – it looks very similar to an electric substation. 

Denys Tykhonov with the background with power lines

Comparing this photo with satellite images, we came across a location near the village of Sonyachne, Kherson region. On the satellite image we see a building with a characteristic red roof. The building with the same roof is in the photo of the Russian.

The building with a characteristic red roof

In the image, next to the building with a red roof, we can see a smaller building – similar to the one on the occupier’s photo. The number of power lines and the observation tower in the upper corner on the satellite image coincide with the objects on the image of the Russian soldier.

And here is another photo of the occupier, probably from the same place. The picture shows a path laid with paving stones, and next to it – a path leading to the building. On the satellite image we find a similar location. This photo was probably taken here (geotagged), and the building we see on the image is here (circled).


During the communication in the Telegram bot, Lisa developed a list of questions that facilitate her communication with the occupiers. This method of dialogue helped the girl to make talk a Russian special forces reconnaissance man who bombed Ukrainian cities – 19-year-old Nikolai Izmailov.

19-year-old Nikolai Izmailov

Kolya (transl. – short for Nikolai) gladly tells the woman about his daily affairs, and in one of the voice messages he admits that he is now in Ukraine. According to the occupier, he and his unit are in Chaplynka, Kherson region. 

Probably, the Russians are based at the airfield in Chaplynka. The satellite image dated August 9 shows military equipment and weapons of the Russian army. Their base is located there and tents are visible.

Photo published on August 9 by journalist Andriy Tsaplienko

One of the videos that Kolya sent to the young woman shows a helicopter parking lot. Probably, this is the same airfield in Chaplynka. 

In addition, the guy boasts to the girl that he “flies for strikes” and drops bombs on Ukrainian cities – Odesa and Kharkiv. When Lisa asks why he does it, Kolya answers quite eloquently: “to kill Khokhly (a derogatory Russian term for Ukrainians)”

The guy says that he is from Krasnodar, but serves in Dzhankoy, Crimea. He sends the girl the geolocation of the place of service. We noticed that this is the area of the airfield.

It is there that the 39th helicopter regiment is stationed, in which Kolya probably serves. By the way, it was the airbase of this regiment in Dzhankoy that was hit by the AFU a month ago.


Lisa began to track down the occupiers through a dating chatbot when she was still in the occupied Kherson region. After the young woman managed to leave for the territory controlled by Ukraine, she continued her hunt. 

The woman says that she stayed in the occupation for about six months – from the first day of the full-scale invasion. Lisa left with her family in mid-August by bus.

Lisa shares the emotions she feels when communicating with the occupiers: “When they say that they feel good, wonderful, it annoys me! For example, we left our home and cannot return there now, and you are sitting there and you feel good.” 

The 18-year-old girl considers all Russian military criminals who came to rob and kill Ukrainians.

“I also had plans for the summer: to go somewhere, to work, to go out with friends, to live as before. They came, and that was it… It was unbearable,” Lisa recalls.


A 24-year-old Ilgiz Hafizov was remembered by Lisa for the fact that the purpose of his arrival to Ukraine was to save money for the wedding. But something went wrong – he broke up with his girlfriend, so now he is saving for a BMW. According to the occupier, he came to fight in Ukraine on May 24. He works here as a “shooter”. 

24-year-old Ilhiz Khafizov

He is from the village of Kunashak, 85 km from Chelyabinsk. He serves in Ozersk – a closed city where the 93rd Division of the National Guard of the Russian Federation is stationed. Probably, the guy serves in it.

In correspondence with the girl, Ilhiz says that now he is in Kherson – on the territory of the school-lyceum with a dormitory nearby. The guy also adds that he brought some clothes with him, but he can get them on the spot – there are many things left in the dormitory after the students. 

We found out that there are about a dozen lyceums in Kherson, some of them are lyceums with a dormitory on the territory. Unfortunately, the guy did not share with Lisa photos from the place of deployment, so we found Ilhiz’s page in “Vkontakte” and decided to look for information there. 

In Ilhiz’s saved photos there are many images from the service. One of them shows a dug trench flooded with water. Behind him there is a fence made of reinforced concrete slabs, fastened together with characteristic iron brackets. We found a similar fence around the Kherson Lyceum of the Kherson Regional Council.

A fence made of reinforced concrete slabs fastened together with characteristic iron brackets

In one of the videos that Ilhiz sent to the girl, you can see school chairs with bright green legs – similar ones are in several classrooms of the lyceum. We found this photo on the official website of the school. Probably, Ilgiz together with the 93rd Division of the Russian National Guard are deployed and digging trenches on the territory of the Kherson Lyceum of the Kherson Regional Council.

Chairs with bright green legs


Daniil Lapyshev is another occupier, whose location was identified due to his desire to get acquainted with the girls during the service.

He is from Krasnoyarsk and serves in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky in Rostov region. The 11th separate guards engineering brigade is deployed there. The involvement of the latter in war crimes in Ukraine is proven – its Colonel Dmitry Markov organized the destruction of the dam of the North Crimean Canal. We can assume that Daniil serves in it. 

The 19-year-old Russian recalls in his correspondence that he lives in a camp in the woods near Nova Kakhovka together with other military men. The guy sent the girl selfies from there and described the details in the messages.

On the first screenshot: the occupier mentions the recreation center in texting with Lisa “It is a recreation center. We guard it. Some of us live here, and I live in the woods”.

On the second screenshot: the occupier says the recreation center is guarded for the commander “Four of us were prescribed there, the rest – to the recreation center. They guard it for the commander. So that he had where to come for a rest”.’ found the recreation center, which Daniil talks about. This is the eco-estate “Golden Pheasant” in the village of Chornyanka in Kherson region.

We compared the above-mentioned photo of the occupier and a photo from the camp’s Facebook page.

In the photo of the Russian, you can see a door with a distinctive accessory in the form of a feeder, the same as in the photo of the eco-farmstead. The location of the window in the photo of the occupier coincides with its location in the photo from the hotel’s Facebook page. 

In the photo of the occupier (image on the right), a soldier is sitting on the stairs. These are the same steps that are visible in the photo of the “Golden Pheasant” (image on the left).

The stairs

Lisa says that she did not manage to talk with all Russian soldiers.

“If I wrote that I was from Kherson, they replied: “Well, Kherson will never be in Ukraine again, it is with Russia forever”.

And I wrote: “What will you have there, you just took three letters from Kherson ” (transl. – in Ukrainian the first three letters of the word “Kherson” mean a derogatory name for penis), – the young woman says. 

Lisa also defines the purpose of her hunt for the Russian military quite clearly.

“To find out about them and maybe somehow punish them, just to find their coordinates and just hit them,” the 18-year-old girl thinks.