The full picture of the atrocities committed by the Russian military in South-East Ukraine would only be known later. However, even what we know now is appalling: about 22,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were forcibly relocated to Russia.

Slidstvo.Info has investigated the lists of the Russian servicemen who take part in the seizure of Pryazovia and adjacent territories, as well as mocked the local residents. In this article, we talk in detail about several Russian officers and members of their families who openly support the war against Ukraine. They post some family photos, pancake recipes, slogans “No one left behind” and videos of military parades on their social networks.

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Recently, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence published a list of the command of the 291st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, which is involved in war crimes against civilians in the Zaporizhzhia and Mariupol areas. This unit is stationed in the village of Borzoi in Chechnya and is a part of the military unit №65384.

Slidstvo.Info has checked this list and found confirmation that at least some of these servicemen were in Ukraine. Some returned home in a coffin, and some of their relatives are actively posting pictures with Z-symbols and showing themselves as fans of Putin and the war against Ukraine.


Lieutenant Colonel Dibir Dibirov was the Battalion Commander of the 291st Motorized Rifle Regiment and the Commander of the Artillery. But only until April 9 this year – that’s when he was killed in Ukraine.

Dibir Dibirov, the Lieutenant Colonel

Dibir was from the village of Tsovkra-2, located in the picturesque mountains of Dagestan. It was there that a “mourning rally” was held in honor of the officer who died in a “special operation”. During the ceremony, the head of the district announced that for his heroism and courage Dibir was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

On the Vkontakte page of the “Kolomensky cadet” community, it was posted that the man died on April 9, he was survived by his wife and three minor children. The authors of the post asked for some financial support for the family. However, this post has been already deleted.

The Post on the Page of the “Kolomensky cadet” Community

We found Dibir’s page in Odnoklassniki, where he hides under the fictional name “Gambler Man”. He has a lot of photos in military uniform and from some family feasts.

The man posted photos with his family. There are some wedding photos and photos with children. The captions to some photos make it clear that Dibir fought in Chechnya from 2006 to 2008.

It is a bit strange for a Russian officer to publicly demonstrate his so-called “civic position”. In some publications, Dibirov supports the shooting of corrupted officials and ridicules Russian propagandists Skabeyeva and Solovyov for convincing him not to watch TV anymore. He even took part in an online poll “I did not vote for Putin.” He stated that he did not vote, but Dibir still carried out Putin’s criminal order to destroy Ukraine. And he paid for it with his life.


Another lieutenant colonel is Daniil Sihriichuk, who graduated from the Suvorov Military School. His page is active, the last time he was online was on May 16. Daniil’s entire life can be traced based on his photos on social networks.

Daniil Sihriichuk, the Lieutenant Colonel

In some photos, he fries kebabs in a military jacket. A photo of his wife on a leather sofa appears there too. “With my beauty,” – Daniil writes.

Under the wedding photo in the birches, the Lieutenant Colonel’s wife Anna comments congratulations on the 4th anniversary of their marriage, “The 4th anniversary is called linen.” He also publishes photos with his son and daughter.

Daniil’s Wife and Children

We found the profile of Anna, the Lieutenant Colonel’s wife, in Vkontakte. She is a typical woman of a Russian soldier. Her children are in military uniform and with the ribbons of Saint George. From time to time, she posts “cute” photos of her husband.

Blintzes, Grandchildren, Military Parades

Another Russian officer who may be involved in the destruction of Pryazovia is Major Dikan Vitalii.

The Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper issue dating from 2011 makes it clear that Vitalii was then the Commander of a Tank Company in South Ossetia.

Vitalii Dikan, the Major

We found his page in Vkontakte, but it turned out to be inactive. However, there are some memories of the sacred wedding ceremony of the major. Apparently, Vitalii wore a uniform with a cap to demonstrate his ostentatious status.

Vitalii’s wife Anna Dikan’s social media accounts are private. On her account photo in Vkontakte, she is probably posing with her husband, and in Odnoklassniki – with their daughter. Now they live in the city of Stavropol. It is known that in 2016 Anna had an online women’s clothing store “LovaLova”.

Another major from the Motorized Rifle Brigade is Alexander Zolin. The questionnaire of this occupier was even posted on the website of the Myrotvorets Center, where it is stated that in 2014–2017 he served in the Russian occupation group in Donbas.

Alexander Zolin, the Major

His social networks have no informational value, but his wife’s profile is the true quintessence of Russian pseudo-patriotism.

Meet Daria Zolina. On her account photo is a Russian tricolor. The woman’s profile is full of posts like, “Russian soldier liberates Europe from fascism again” and the videos like, “Armenia is not happy about the arrival of Ukrainians.” There are blintz recipes and video clips of a military parade in Daria’s profile. She also posts some military jokes.

If you look at Daria’s photos, it seems that she lives a fulfilling life. There are photos from some professional photoshoots, selfies with flowers, and even some seaside vacations (which are not often found in the profiles of the Russian military).

Alexander’s mother Lyubov Zolina also posts the symbols of Russian aggression with the letter “Z” and the slogans, “No one left behind” and “Support ours.” There are also some photos of smiling and happy grandchildren.

Another occupant identified by Slidstvo.Info is Lieutenant Nikita Ivashuro, born in 1997. According to his Odnoklassniki page, Nikita has a family. He has a wife Elvira and a little daughter Lyubasha. But even a child under two already has a photo in his father’s military cap. The wedding photos of the couple deserve special attention. Nikita Ivashuro is also in military uniform.

By the way, both the mother of the occupier Natalia Ivashuro and his mother-in-law Lyubov Almukhametova support Russia’s war against Ukraine and publish posts in support of it.


Slidstvo.Info also managed to establish the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bzykov, born in 1980, who lives in Vladikavkaz. Robert is not really active in Vkontakte. He has only one friend Oksana Bzykova (probably a relative) but he follows the community of the Armed Forces of Novorossiya.

Robert Bzykov, the Lieutenant Colonel

According to the material of the propaganda media, it is possible to learn that in 2012 Robert Bzykov was appointed to the position of the Deputy Commander of the Separate Battalion of the Patrol Service of the Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Vladikavkaz. Prior to that, the man held senior positions in the military service for over 15 years.

There are some interesting photos on his old Facebook account. On one of them, a smiling Robert poses in a T-shirt with a photo of Putin.

Robert in a T-shirt with the Photo of Putin

From the editors: from the first day of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Slidstvo.Info identifies Russian servicemen involved in the war. We are convinced that the evil has the name, surname, and number of the military unit, so we tirelessly continue to search for and make known the invaders who came to destroy our country. If you know about the specific military and their crimes, let us know on social media or write to Every war criminal must be identified and punished for his actions!