In the town of Vasylivka, Zaporizhzhia oblast, two Russian servicemen tortured the locals with particular cruelty: they connected wires with electric current to their fingertips, poured chemicals on their skin, and inserted needles under their nails. Prosecutor’s investigators learned about this, and Slidstvo.Info journalists identified the occupiers.

At the end of December, Ukrainian law enforcement officers notified Azamat Khasbulatov, a soldier of the Makhachkala riot police of the Russian Guard in the Republic of Dagestan, with the call sign “105” and Said Huseynov, a soldier of the same unit with the call sign “320”, of suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war.

In March, the Russian military occupied the town of Vasylivka in Zaporizhzhia, and led by 31-year-old Azamat Khasbulatov, who was appointed deputy military commandant of the occupation administration, hunted down local patriots, journalists, and officials and tortured them with particular cruelty.

Law enforcement officers found that on March 26, the occupiers, including Said Huseynov, Khasbulatov’s deputy, kidnapped the head of the village of Verkhnya Krynytsia and three other men. The people were brought to the seized premises of the Vasylkivka district police department, where they were held for several days.

Russian soldiers inserted needles under civilians’ fingernails, poured various chemicals on Ukrainians’ skin, and connected wires to their fingertips and applied electric shocks. During such interrogations, the occupiers threatened the prisoners with killing their relatives if they did not agree to cooperate with the occupation authorities and tell them about the local patriots.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the Russian soldiers by their social media pages.

Azamat Khasbulatov, 31, is from the village of Kazmaaul, Dagestan. He is a serviceman of the Makhachkala riot police of the Rosgvardia Department.

На фото два чоловіка сидить на дивані

Azamat Khasbulatov (left)

Azamat Khasbulatov graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg Military Institute of the Russian National Guard, of which he is very proud, as he posted a video from the local news on his page: “Russian President Vladimir Putin personally congratulated graduates Azamat Khasbulatov and Ruslan Omarov on their excellent graduation.”

The man carefully deleted all the photos from his page, but this did not prevent journalists from finding photos of him posing with sports awards.

На фото два чоловіки - ліворуч чоловік у білій спортивній формі з червоним поясом. Він тримає великий кубок золотого кольору

Azamat Khasbulatov (left)

Khasbulatov’s social media account contains many posts about boxing, training and martial arts. In 2013, the occupier even published a photo of Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klytschko, and in 2022 he will go to Ukraine to brutally torture civilians.

На фото Володимир Кличко у костюмі з синьою сорочкою, тримає руки складеними біля обличчя

A screenshot from Azamat Khasbulatov’s page

Azamat Khasbulatov appears online in social networks, but it is currently unknown whether he has returned to Russia.

The second occupier Khasbulatov appointed as his deputy is 33-year-old Said Huseynov. He is also a serviceman of the Makhachkala riot police of the Rosgvardia Department. Huseynov is from the village of Mamedkala in the Republic of Dagestan.

The Russian occupier’s page contains many photos of typical vacations: parties with friends, fishing, and trips to nature.

The journalists also found a photo of Huseynov as part of the Russian National Guard, whose soldiers are lined up against a large portrait of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Said Huseynov in the center wearing a ceremonial uniform with medals

Huseynov’s mother, Indira Magomedova, is an outspoken supporter of the so-called special military operation. She supports the killing of Ukrainians, as evidenced by her numerous posts on Odnoklassniki: “Let’s support our guys who are now making history…”.

Indira Magomedova is proud of her soldier son, actively posting photos with Huseynov online, commenting gently: “Mom’s golden one”.

Indira Magomedova even published photos of Huseynov on military equipment with Russian invader symbols, taken during the occupation of Ukraine.

Currently, Said Huseynov’s page is active, he is constantly online, but it is unknown whether the occupier is still in Ukraine.

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