The new mayor of Zaporizhzhia, Ivan Fedorov, has declared that he uses his relatives’ cars for free. One of them is Oleksandr Fedorov, who heads the medical centre “INMEDICO” and owns thirty vehicles of different brands. 

This was reported by Slidstvo.Info

On 2 February 2024, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi appointed Ivan Fedorov as the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration. Prior to that, Fedorov was the mayor of Melitopol.  

Prior to his appointment, Ivan Fedorov filed his declarations for 2023 and 2022. They indicate that in 2022, Fedorov received the right to use two cars free of charge from his relatives, Oleksandr and Nataliia Fedorovs. The first car is worth UAH 2 million (LEXUS LX 570 made in 2012), and the second car is worth UAH 1.8 million (BMW X6 made in 2015). 

Before that, Ivan Fedorov had his own car, he had the right to use it from Teploinvest-Tavria LLC.

The driver’s office shows that Oleksandr Fedorov has 30 different vehicles registered in his name. Among them are VAZ, luxury cars, as well as the cars he lent to Ivan Fedorov. 

Oleksandr Fedorov founded and heads the private enterprise INMEDICO. This company has its own hospitals in Zaporizhzhia. Their website states that Oleksandr Fedorov has been the chief doctor of the medical centre INMEDIKO since 2012. 

Ivan Fedorov’s declarations state that he has owned the right to the INMEDIKO trademark since 2014.

Oleksandr Fedorov / Photo from the website of the private enterprise INMEDIKO

Slidstvo.Info journalists tried to contact Ivan Fedorov to find out why he needed two cars, but the press service of the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration said that Fedorov did not have time to comment at the moment: “Please send your information request… Due to his appointment, Mr Ivan has limited time for comments.”

Fedorov’s declarations also indicate that he has owned a 166.8 square metre house in Zaporizhzhia and a land plot under the house since 2013. The total value of this property is UAH 2 million

Ivan Fedorov owns two apartments in the temporarily occupied Melitopol: he owns a 61.9 square metre apartment worth UAH 516,000, and has the right to use the other one.

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