Ukrainian law enforcement officers have indicted Russian soldier Danislan Kuramayev. According to the investigation, in 2022, he beat a woman on the side of the road, dragged her into a forest belt and raped her there. Slidstvo.Info journalists identified this soldier and called him. Kuramayev says he was “performing a combat mission” but did not rape anyone, Slidstvo.Info reports.

On June 13, 2024, the Office of the Prosecutor General pressed charges of ill-treatment of civilians against Russian soldier Danislan Kuramayev, 22, under Article 438, paragraph 1, of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, in early July 2022, Kuramayev was moving with his unit through the villages of the Borova settlement territorial community of the Izyum district of Kharkiv Oblast. The convoy of vehicles overtook a woman who was returning home on a bicycle.

“After Kuramayev saw a woman on the side of the road, he had a criminal intent to commit sexual acts against her,” law enforcement officers said.

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The Russian soldier stopped on the side of the road he was traveling near a bus stop and waited for the woman on a bicycle. When she arrived at the bus stop, Kuramayev stopped her and ordered her to have sex with him, to which she refused. The Russian hit the woman in the head with a rifle butt and struck her several times with his hands and feet in different parts of the victim’s body. After that, Kuramayev grabbed the victim by the hair and dragged her into a forested area near the road, where he raped her.

The woman managed to escape and hide in a mined field. Kuramayev demanded that the victim return and threatened to shoot and kill her, but did not want to search for her in a dangerous area.

Journalists from found Danislan Kuramayev‘s VKontakte page. He is 22 years old, single, and lives in Kaliningrad.

This is not the only social media page Kuramayev has. He also has an account on Odnoklassniki, where his last post dates back to January 2024. Here, Kurumayev has many photos of himself in military uniform, with weapons and with Russian “Z” on his chevrons.

The Slidstvo.Info journalists contacted Kuramayev. The soldier did not know that he was indicted and denied that he had committed rape.

“Why are you telling me this bullshit here? I didn’t do it, and it can’t be. Why are you calling me and telling me things that didn’t happen?” Kuramayev said.

In the summer of 2022, the soldier published photos clearly showing the landscapes. Artificial intelligence, which can analyze such photos, identified the location as Ukraine. The Russian does not deny this but does not consider himself an occupier.

“I’m not an occupier, actually. I mean, why did I come to Ukraine? I was in combat there and, by the way, I did not rape any girl,” the Russian says and hangs up. After that, Kuramayev did not answer journalists’ calls.

It seems that Kuramayev’s family is proud of their military relative. At least his Russian mother, Marina Kuramayeva, publishes photos of her son in uniform.

Kuramayev is being tried in absentia in Ukraine. If the court finds him guilty, he faces 12 years in a Ukrainian prison.

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