Law enforcement officers suspect the Charitable Foundation Headquarters of Good of selling cars that were brought to Ukraine as humanitarian aid. Slidstvo.Info journalists talked to representatives of the foundation, who deny violating the law and say that law enforcement officers did not understand the situation.

According to law enforcement, three people were involved in the scheme: one imported cars from abroad to Ukraine on behalf of the charity, the other provided documentation for the cars as humanitarian aid, and together with the third participant in the scheme, sold the cars.

For example, the ruling describes a Mercedes-Benz car, model Atego, which was registered as humanitarian aid on 11 July 2023 on behalf of the Headquarters of Good Charity Foundation. The car was purchased by Antonivsky Meat Processing Plant LLC and used to transport meat. Law enforcement officers found the car during searches at the company.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info called the Charitable Foundation Headquarters of Good to ask about this criminal proceeding. Vyacheslav Ilnytskyi, one of the foundation’s directors, says that all the suspicions of law enforcement officers are unfounded and that this is only their view of what happened. 

According to Ilnytskyi, according to all the contracts, the foundation transferred the cars to Antonivsky Meat Processing Plant without any benefit to itself. The meat processing plant was supposed to repair the vehicles and use them to transport humanitarian goods, which it did.

“We used the truck to deliver humanitarian aid to the military. For example, it was used to transport about 10 tonnes of stew to the military from the National Guard of Ukraine, and then more humanitarian aid to the Kherson direction. In other words, these vehicles were donated not for the company to benefit, but to help the military,” says Ilnytskyi.

Vyacheslav Ilnytskyi explains the motivation of law enforcement officers by the fact that they have not fully understood the situation, as well as the fact that the volunteer field is poorly regulated by law, which is why the actions of volunteers can be interpreted as a violation of the law. 

According to information from the YouControl analytical system, the charitable organisation Headquarters of Good Charitable Foundation was established in mid-2022. It was founded by Maryna Lipnytska in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region.