The mother of the top Security Service of Ukraine official Anatoliy Loif, who heads the unit dealing with economic issues, owns luxury real estate in the capital and suburbs worth more than UAH 16 million. She herself lives in Zakarpattia and works as a language teacher at a college.

This was reported in a story by Slidstvo.Info. The video has English subtitles.

Anatoliy Loif is an SSU officer who replaced Artem Shylo, the former head of the so-called business unit of the special service. There are almost no mentions of Anatoliy Loif on the Internet, the official’s declaration is closed, so Ukrainians cannot see what property the SSU officer owns and uses.

Slidstvo.Info investigated the wealth of Loif’s family and found that he himself does not have any property registered to him. However, the property of his mother Anna, who works as a teacher of French and Latin in the small town of Berehove in Zakarpattia, deserves attention.

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During the full-scale invasion, in June 2023, the official’s mother bought two plots of land in the cottage town of Roslavychi, which is less than 30 minutes from Kyiv.

She currently owns a nearly completed cottage on the land plots.

Almost completed house in Roslavychi cottage town

Two-storey houses without refurbishment in this cottage town are now being offered for sale from $235 thousand.

The price of a two-storey house in Roslavychi cottage town

At the same time, architect Oleh Hrechukh estimated the cost of building this cottage at at least $150,000 (about UAH 6 million). Given that, according to the data we obtained, the land under the cottage cost her mother UAH 270,000, the total value of this property could reach UAH 6.2 million.

Back in March 2020, Anna Loif also bought a 155.6 sq m apartment in a premium residential complex in Kyiv.

A renovated apartment of almost the same size in this building is currently being sold for $850,000.

Оголошення з сайту продажу нерухомості у ЖК преіумкласу на Печерську

An advert from a website for the sale of real estate in a premium residential complex in Pechersk

By the way, the wife of SSU General Illia Vitiuk, who was recently featured in Slidstvo.Info, owns an apartment in the same building.

The real estate website states that in March 2020, the average price per square metre without renovation was $2,400. That is, the market value of this property at the time of purchase was about $370,000, or more than UAH 10.4 million.

Hryhorii Loif, the official’s father, declared this apartment in his 2020 declaration. The man used to work at the Zakarpattia Customs. In the document, he states that the apartment cost Hanna Loif only UAH 3.9 million. That is, the price indicated in the declaration looks like it is 2.5 times less than the market price.

Anatoliy Loif and his mother did not respond to the calls of Slidstvo.Info journalists.

In response to a request for information about the official’s mother’s property, the SSU claimed that Loif’s mother had only purchased the land under the cottage, while the construction of the house was financed by a third party “for further sale and distribution of profits”.

As for the apartment in a premium residential complex in the capital, the SSU notes that the price of UAH 3.9 million was market price at the time of purchase. The official’s mother was able to buy the apartment by selling her previous property, her earnings and “her own long-term savings”.

At the same time, Anatolii Loif’s father, Hryhorii, did not declare any of his or his wife’s savings in 2019

However, the declaration for 2020 states that Hanna Loif earned more than UAH 1 million as an individual entrepreneur. Indeed, journalists found that such an individual entrepreneur exists and provides educational services. However, there is no information in open sources about the tutor Hanna Loif and her services. “I have no idea at all, I don’t know about any individual entrepreneur status,” Mariana Haal, director of the Berehove Medical College, told Slidstvo.Info.

Earlier, Slidstvo.Info found that the wife of the head of the SSU’s cybersecurity department, Illia Vityuk, earned UAH 13.4 million as a private entrepreneur. The same year she declared such earnings, she bought an apartment in a premium-class new building in Pechersk, Kyiv. The journalists were unable to find any information on how to order legal services for Yuliia Vitiuk. She refused to comment on the matter herself. 

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