Dnipro city mayor Borys Filatov purchased a 2010 HARLEY-DAVIDSON CVOSE STREET GLIDE motorcycle in February 2023. Its cost is 450 thousand hryvnias. The official indicated this purchase in his report on significant changes in property status. 

During a telephone conversation, journalists of Slidstvo.Info asked Borys Filatov why he decided to buy this motorcycle during the great war.

“I had such a need because I work 24/7 under rocket fire. Can I make myself a present or not?” said Filatov. The mayor also reminded that everyone knows about his experience with motorbikes: “I have travelled by motorbike across 63 countries, twice – across the United States of America from coast to coast. In my previous life, I went as far as Saudi Arabia.” 

In the statements on significant changes in his property status, Filatov also indicates a gift of UAH 7 million in July 2023. In a telephone conversation, he said that he gave the money to his daughter. 

“I came from business, I declared a million dollars or more. In 2009, I was officially a dollar millionaire until I took this damned position,” the official explains.

The expenses also include charitable assistance to the military unit A4698 in the amount of UAH 246,121 and the return of allowances and bonuses to the budget of the Dnipro territorial community for almost a year and a half of war in the amount of UAH 724,945

Filatov shared his plans for the future with journalists: “After the war is over, I just want to finish my work, get up and travel around the world, wherever I can. I would pack all my things, get on a HARLEY motorbike and ride away so that I don’t have to see this nightmare. And these questions, and everything else. Whatever you do, you’re still going to be bad.”

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