In the Chernihiv region, two Russian soldiers fired at civilian cars to steal the personal belongings of the killed people. Prosecutor’s investigators found out about this, and Slidstvo.Info journalists identified the occupiers.

On May 26, 2023, Ukrainian law enforcement officers notified the commander of the 1st Tank Battalion of the 2nd Taman Guards Motorised Rifle Division, Kirill Boykov, and his subordinate, tank commander Sergeant Artem Razinkin, of suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war.

In March 2022, the Russian military occupied the village of Olshana in Chernihiv region. Boykov and Razinkin were near the Repyakh-Agro farm.

On March 1, in the morning, a civilian minibus with two men was driving along the road. They were carrying bread for local residents, but they did not manage to reach their final stop. The Russian occupiers started deliberately shooting at the vehicle. The civilians stopped the vehicle and tried to escape, but Boykov and Razinkin continued to shoot at people.

According to law enforcement officials, one of the men killed by the Russians had 13 gunshot wounds. The second man died from multiple shots in the neck and chest.

When the Russians were convinced that the men were dead, they searched the car and took the victims’ belongings and phones, as well as bread.

Boykov and Razinkiv did not stop there. They opened fire on another car with two civilians who were trying to save themselves and escape, but were also killed. The Russian military also searched the car and took the phone of one of the men.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the Russian soldiers through their social media accounts.

26-year-old Kirill Boykov is from the city of Liskovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. The occupier closed his page on the Russian social network VKontakte, but journalists found information about him from the pages of other users.

Kirill Boykov

Kirill Boykov is married and has a daughter. His wife, Sofia Boykova, willingly shares their wedding photos, in which the occupier poses in military uniform.

On June 1, 2022, the occupier’s wife gave birth to a daughter. At that time, Boykov was killing and robbing the civilian population of Ukraine.

The occupier went to study at the Kazan Higher Red Banner School when Russia occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and annexed Ukrainian Crimea. At least, this is what the photos dated 2014, which journalists found from Boykov’s fellow tanker Yuriy Vorobyov, show.

Occupier Kirill Boykov during the oath of office

On Vorobyov’s page, Slidstvo.Info journalists came across archival photos of Boykov from 10 years ago.

Kirill Boykov appears online, but it is not known whether he is still fighting in Ukraine. The occupier faces imprisonment for up to 15 years or life for his crimes.

His 25-year-old subordinate tank commander, Sergeant Artem Razinkin, is a native of the village of Sredny Karachan, Voronezh Oblast, Russia.

The occupier changed his name on his VKontakte page, but journalists found his profile.

Before he came to kill in Ukraine, Artem Razinkin lived in a Russian village and went to parties with his friends.

In 2017, Razinkin was drafted into the army – into the tank troops. The occupier is married and has children. His wife, Victoria Razinkina (née Tekmayeva), closed her page, but in her profile she indicated that she had three children, the last boy was born on 22 February 2023. In May of this year, the couple posed with a stroller against the backdrop of the Russian countryside.

It seems that Artem Razinkin’s love of war was passed on to him by his father, Andrei Razinkin. The man lives by his military past, as evidenced by the numerous old photos of him in uniform on his Odnoklassniki page.


The man publishes propaganda posts on his page.

The occupier’s mother, Natalia Razinkina, also supports the murder of Ukrainians on her Odnoklassniki page.

In December 2022, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding Artem Razinkin the Suvorov Medal: “Gribanovets (a derivative of the name of the village – ed.) was awarded for personal courage and bravery displayed in the defence of the Fatherland and Russia’s state interests in hostilities”.

A screenshot of the news about the awarding ceremony of the occupier

Apparently, Razinkin’s parents are very proud of their killer son. It is not yet known whether the occupier has returned to the territory of Ukraine to continue fighting civilians. He faces imprisonment for up to 15 years or life.

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