The 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk is known for its atrocities in Bucha. First of all, the responsibility for the hundreds of killed, tortured, and raped Ukrainians lies with the Russian commanders, as it was their subordinates who committed the atrocities. About officers who are going to be held accountable for the crimes in numerous courts and tribunals – in the material of Slidstvo.Info.

Apparently, realizing this, Russian officers began to hide their real names. Despite this, Slidstvo.Info has managed to identify some of the commanders of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk. This unit was marked by special atrocities during the occupation of Bucha, where hundreds of civilians were brutally shot, many of whom were tortured to death.

The video has English subtitles.

During the investigation, the journalists worked out the lists of the intelligence of Ukraine, which published the names and the military ranks of the servicemen of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk. They also researched some additional documents that Slidstvo.Info had received from its own sources in the intelligence agencies and the Russian propaganda resources.

According to the Ukrainian military, after fleeing from Kyiv, part of the Khabarovsk brigade moved to Kharkiv oblast, where it was later partially destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And part of the unit, judging by the footage of Russian propaganda, returned to Khabarovsk to take part in the military parade on May 9.

At the end of April, the Russian propaganda TV channel Russia 24 published a report on how the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade was preparing for the military parade on May 9. One of the officers providing comments to the propagandists hides his real name.

Капітан 64-ї мотострілецької бригади з ХабаровськаВладімір Вікторовіч Ступніков

This officer is introduced as Pyotr Vasiliev in the video. Judging by his epaulets, he is a captain. However, there is no serviceman with such a name and surname in the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk. If you look closely, you can see that Russian propagandists painted a chevron with his name. And on the chevron, judging by the number of letters, it is not written “Vasiliev”. You can distinguish the first letters “C” and “T”.

Slidstvo.Info has established the real identity of this officer. We first found a photo on the page of another officer from this brigade. It depicts a serviceman, who looks very similar to Pyotr Vasiliev. Then, having this additional photo, we found the old account of this officer. The same face, but the name there is not Pyotr Vasiliev, but Vova Viktorovich.

Having this information, we found the real page of the Russian captain. His name is Vladimir Stupnikov. He is 34 years old, he comes from the Amur oblast but lives in Khabarovsk. And he really serves in the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk.

Російський капітан Владімір Ступніков, один із керівників підрозділу російських військових, які вчиняли геноцид у бучі

Captain Vladimir Stupnikov

Major Alexander Potapov, 41 years old. He was born in Smolensk. After graduating from school he entered the Military Academy of Air Defence Forces. Then he began his career in the Russian army. For many years he served in various positions in the military units of Transbaikalia. Then he was transferred to the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade in Khabarovsk.

Російський майор Алєксандр Потапов, один із командирів 64-ї мотострілецької бригади з Хабаровська

Major Alexander Potapov

On the page of Major Potapov, you can find photos from the service in this brigade, from military exercises, and from the headquarters. He also publishes photos showing the geolocation of Khabarovsk oblast and the chevrons of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade on the uniform of his subordinates.

Another executioner commander is 35-year-old Captain Ilya Kryachik. A native of Blagoveshchensk, but lives with his family in Khabarovsk. He studied at the Military Topographic School in St. Petersburg, then began his career in the army.

On his page, Kryachyk points out that he is a supporter of communism. He also published a very revealing favorite quote, “From a technical point of view, killing a person is very easy, the only difficulty is to do it most effectively.” This statement is directly posted on the page of the Russian captain Kryachik, who, according to the Ukrainian intelligence, commanded a unit of war criminals in Bucha.

By the way, Captain Kryachyk’s sister is fascinated by the Kadyrovites militants, likes Russian propaganda videos about the “special operation” and publishes pictures of terrorists “Hivi” and “Motorola”.


Another Russian officer identified by Slidstvo.Info is Captain Alexey Abramov, who is 45 years old. He is from Bryansk. In 2001 he graduated from the Military Academy of Air Defence Forces, we even managed to find a stand with graduates with his name on it. Then he served in the Russian army.

російський капітан Алексєй Абрамов із 64-ї мотострілецької бригади, яка вчиняла звірства у бучі на київщині

Captain Abramov positions himself as a religious person on social networks. He publishes photos of him visiting churches and videos of Patriarch Kirill.

російський капітан алексєй абрамов позиціонує себе як релігійна людина, але в україні його бригада катувала і вбивала мирних українців

Judging by the photos, Abramov even had something to do with the socialist party “A Just Russia – For Truth”. At first glance, Abramov’s social networks do not pass him off as a Russian military man. But among others, he has a photo of a child wearing a winter set of his military uniform. The photo was taken several years ago.

дитина російського військового абрамова у військовій формі

Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Yermishko, 50 years old. He is probably serving as the brigade’s artillery chief. We found a news story of Russia-1 propagandists filmed in 2017, where Lieutenant Colonel Yermishko commented on preparations for the parade. He is introduced as “chief of the artillery brigade” on that video.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Yermishko

In his social networks, Yermishko notes that he has been serving in the Russian army since 1990. He received his military education at the Saratov Higher Military Command School.

Captain Sergey Berezhnoy, 33 years old. After graduating from military school he served in Krasnodar, then moved to Khabarovsk. We found a photo from the parade, which probably depicts Berezhnoy because it was his course that marched at the parade that year.

капітан сергей бережной служить у 64-й мотострілецькій бригаді рф

Captain Sergey Berezhnoy

Major Sergei Borisenko, 44 ​​years old. He has been serving in the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade from Khabarovsk for a long time. He also lives with his family there.

російський майор сергей борисенко служить у 64-й сотострілецькій бригаді рф, яка катувала і вбивала українців у бучі

Major Sergei Borisenko

From the editors. If you had survived the occupation in Bucha or other villages of Kyiv oblast and had recognized these people, you should have written to us on social networks or by e-mail at We are confident that by working together we will be able to identify all the occupiers who have committed and continue to commit war crimes against our nation.