Russian occupying troops rob Ukrainian residential buildings and farms and tell their relatives about money, gold and smartphones stolen from people in Ukraine they plan to bring home to Russia. They also mention commited rapes.

Slidstvo.Info found this out from the intercepted telephone conversations of the enemy, which are published on the channels of Security Service of Ukraine and the Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

Journalists listened to dozens of telephone conversations between the Russian occupiers and their relatives and came across many cases of looting.

Looting is a war crime involving robbery, theft and embezzlement of property. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has recently passed a law that introduced increased penalties for looting. The sentence is from 5 to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property for certain crimes now.

The video has English subtitles.

The occupiers emotionally boast about the iPhones taken from civilians, the looted gold and even the rapes.

“We stop (civilians – ed.), strip search, take the f*cking phones away, all the sh*t! F*ck, guys all have iPhones 13! In short, we are doing business slowly!” – the looter brags about while talking on phone with his girlfriend.

Another Russian soldier complains to his beloved that he is already tired of carrying the looted gold: “We found a German house, f*ck! I am knackered to take the gold out there!”.

In one of the conversations, a Russian mother tells her son to take a phone from some of the Ukrainians.

“Can’t you take a phone from someone local and then call me every day?” – a Russian mother advises her son, a soldier.

Another military man tells how he and his colleagues take away food and alcohol in some Ukrainian village, as it seems: “We are in the village. It’s ours, and the f*cking road too. Hens lay the eggs, f*ck, there are quails, cows are milked, f*ck! Three cans of brew were taken on yesterday. Before that there were 25 liters of moonshine, f*ck. Drinking like mad. Otherwise, I would have gone crazy, without vodka, f*ck!”

Another Russian military enthusiastically talks about the rape, which he said was committed by a friend of his, who is also a military.

“Here, dude, my mate, drove into the yard in a tank, took out the f*cking door, shot everyone down [parents], then raped. He ate and drank there – now he is given a medal for that!”

A woman from Russia, with whom he talks on phone, replied: “I hope you don’t f*cking rape anyone there, otherwise I’ll f*cking kill you!”