Slidstvo.Info has analyzed dozens of propaganda reports on the hostilities in Ukraine and has identified a number of fighters from the ORDLO (Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine) and Crimea, who came to destroy Donbas on the side of the occupiers. The journalists have found out their first and last names, have found some photos, as well as have learned some hidden details from their biographies.

This is stated in the new investigation of Slidstvo.Info “The Traitors Who Destroy Donbas”.

The video has English subtitles.

It is no secret that some Ukrainian citizens, who help the occupiers to commit atrocities on the territory of Ukraine, are the immigrants from the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, as well as the Republic of Crimea. Recently, the Security Service of Ukraine has even reported the imprisonment of six militants from the ORDLO, who were captured by Ukrainian defenders during the hostilities in February and March.

The journalists of Slidstvo.Info have reviewed dozens of propaganda reports about the hostilities in Ukraine. Thanks to this, it appeared possible to establish the identity of a number of Ukrainian citizens who came to destroy Donbas on the side of the invaders.

Among the residents of the ORDLO, in addition to those who were forcibly mobilized, there are those who consciously kill their countrymen and destroy Ukrainian territories.

Railway worker Viktor from Trostyanets told Slidstvo.Info that the residents of the ORDLO behaved even worse than the Russians in Sumy oblast, “They shouted, “We have been tolerating it for eight years and you will tolerate as well”.

The journalists of the Russian-language Chinese state-run cable TV news service CGTN have identified a 30-year-old resident of Donetsk Zahoruiko Yevhenii in their report about Mariupol on May 9th.

Zahoruiko Yevhenii, 30-year-old, Donetsk

On Facebook, he is nicknamed “Zheka Opolchenskyi”. In the photos on social networks, Zheka likes posing in camouflage and with weapons in his hands. In the social network “Vkontakte”, he follows various militarist groups such as “The Army of Donbas”, “Donetsk, Lugansk, Novorossiya”, and “The Typical Soldier”. According to hundreds of photos published by Zheka, his attraction to weapons, as well as to alcohol and other unhealthy habits, has appeared long before 2014.

It is noteworthy that at the end of 2014, after Russia had already occupied the Crimean Peninsula and had launched the military aggression in Donbas, Zahoruiko managed to visit and take some photos in Ukrainian Kharkiv. Zahoruiko’s brother, judging by his social networks, also actively supports the terrorist organization “DNR” and “grieves” for the war criminal “Hivi”, who was killed several years ago.

A month ago, the same Chinese TV news service showed a report about the “militiamen” of Donetsk, who were shelling the Ukrainian positions with the mortars. The video “flagged up” two residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, who were identified by Slidstvo.Info. So, in the social network “Vkontakte”, the militant with the call sign “Maloi” is nicknamed “Zhora Nykolaenko”.

Zhora Nykolaenko with the call sign “Maloi”

He indicated Donetsk as the place of residence. Zhora’s page, which journalists came across, has not been updated for several years. However, it illustrates well his attitude to life and to the “Russkiy Mir” (“Russian world”).

In 2014, a very young Zhora posed with the Kalashnikov and a patch of the so-called “Novorossiya” on his chest. He also shared the symbols of “Novorossiya” and the Russian Federation with the words, “I don’t know about you, but I’m proud.”

Another Donetsk resident who shells the Ukrainian defenders with the mortars is Andrii Vanin with a call sign “Vania”.

Andrii Vanin with the call sign “Vania”

Despite the fact that “Vania” prudently indicated Moscow as the place of his residence, his wife “surrendered” the location of the traitor, indicating Donetsk as her hometown. It seems that as a civilian “Vania” works as a welder. The photos published by Andrii Vanin clearly demonstrate his attitude to the pseudo-republics and belonging to the activities of a terrorist organization. Before taking the side of the so-called “DPR”, “Vania” managed to visit Kyiv after the Revolution of Dignity.

A few weeks ago, the Russian propagandists demonstrated a video of the occupation forces’ assault on the “Azovstal”. In this footage, the journalists have identified 39-year-old native of Makiivka Komardin Yurii.

Komardin Yurii, a 39-year-old native of Makiivka

He is not very active on social networks, but he regularly appears online and shares propaganda posts. Komardin’s relatives also openly support Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Slidstvo.Info has found the mention of the Ukrainian traitor on the portal “Myrotvorets” (“Peacemaker”). According to the portal, as of 2014, Komardin served in the Berkut unit of the so-called “DPR”, and was also a mechanic-driver in the anti-aircraft division.

Slidstvo.Info was able to get access to certain bank documents of Komardin, which reveal some details from his past. In the early 2000s, long before the Russian armed aggression was launched, Komardin worked at the Makiivka Metallurgical Plant, as well as at the “Makiivvuhillia” mine. In addition, according to these documents, in 2009 the traitor had problems with the law.

Recently, another propaganda video about the Russian marines patrolling the “Azovstal” industrial zone was published on the Internet. Slidstvo.Info was able to identify 22-year-old Denys Vialov from the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

Denis Vialov, 22 years old, Crimea

On his “Vkontakte” page, the resident of the Crimean Peninsula openly supports the Russian invaders and shares their symbols. Despite the relatively recent occupation of Crimea, Denys Vialov has shown militaristic pro-Russian sentiments since his youth. He posed in military uniform alongside Russian and Soviet flags, and posted pictures with the words, “The sacred thing is to serve the motherland”. He was also photographed with an assault rifle in his hands.

On her “Odnoklassniki” page, Vialov’s mother, in addition to posts in support of Russia’s war in Ukraine, shared a photo of his song wearing a Russian military uniform with a Soviet flag. Presumably, this photo was taken in Ukraine, because at the time of its publication it has been more than two months since the full-scale Russian invasion.

It is noteworthy that the last time Denys Vialov appeared online was more than two weeks ago. Probably, Mariupol being destroyed by Russian invaders is the last thing he saw in his life.