A few weeks ago, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) reported the detention of a Russian agent who, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, brought 128 units of Russian equipment from the Sumy oblast to the outskirts of Kyiv. In addition, according to the SSU, the man continued to cooperate with Russian curators after the liberation of the Sumy region. The journalists of Slidstvo.Info identified the collaborator and his involvement in criminal circles.

You can find out more about this in a new investigation by Slidstvo.Info.

Using the video released by the Security Service, journalists established the exact place where the traitor accompanied the Russian equipment in a silver all-road BMW.  It is the town of Romny, with 40 thousand inhabitants, in the Sumy oblast. On one of the shots, journalists of the Slidstvo.info noticed a hangar with the inscription ‘Dobrobut’. Thanks to Google map, they managed to identify the exact location of this hangar.

‘Slidstvo.Info’ found the place where a silver all-road BMW accompanied the convoy of Russian equipment

In local online groups, people reported that they noticed this all-road vehicle accompanied by Russian convoys. As local activist Kateryna Kapustina told Slidstvo.Info, people saw the silver BMW in several directions.

“This man, it turns out, has been seen in Romny more than once,” she said.

Also, the name of the traitor and the license plate number of his car were revealed on social networks. Thanks to this, journalists managed to identify the owner of the BMW, who, according to the Security Service of Ukraine, was recruited by Russian special services.

Thus, it turned out that the owner of a silver BMW, made in 2016, is a 38-year-old native of Pervomaisk in the Mykolaiv oblast, Hennadiy Popsui. The fact that the detainee is exactly 38 years old was noted in the Sumy Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

The owner of the silver BMW Hennadiy Popsui

Earlier, as journalists found out, Gennady had repeatedly had problems with the law. In the court register, the ‘Slidstvo.info’ found a ruling, which states that ten years ago Popsui was convicted of beating, or “intentional moderate bodily harm.” Even earlier, according to sources in law enforcement agencies, as well as certain bank documents available to journalists, Popsui was convicted of “illegal handling of weapons”.

Hennady’s criminal past is hinted at by another finding. In a special mobile application that displays how a subscriber is listed in the phone book of other people, Popsui is listed as “Gena Vyshybalo” (Gena The Bouncer), “Gena Bandit” (Gena The Criminal), “Gena Pervomay Bratva” (Gena Pervomay The Gang), “Gena Pervomaysk Smotryashchy” (Gena Pervomaysk The Supervisor (transl. – taken from a prison Jargon), “Gena Reshala Skala” (Gena The One Who Solves Problems Cliff). According to Kateryna Kapustina, Popsui appeared in Romny in 2021 and began to establish ties with local criminals.

This is how Hennadii Popsui’s phone number is recorded in the phone book of other subscribers

Also, as journalists found out, over the past year and a half, Hennadii Popsui has violated traffic rules more than ten times. In particular, two months ago he ‘earned’ a fine for speeding on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Recently, journalists managed to get to the court hearing, where Hennady tried to appeal against his detention after his recent arrest. However, the court did not release him.

Hennadiy Popsui during the court hearing in Sumy Court of Appeal

The video has English subtitles.